Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oliver the Humanzee

Oliver was caught in the rain forests of the Congo and sold to Frank and Janet Berger at the age of two. The Berger's had a dog, chimp, pony and pig act, and were regularly featured on the Ed Sullivan show. Oliver was shunned by the other chimps in the act because of his odd physical traits. His head was smaller than a normal chimpanzee's, he had less hair, a slightly less pronounced jaw, rounded ears, a unique scent, and he walked upright like a human. Oliver wasn't just different physically, but behaviorally as well.
"You could send him on chores. He would take the wheelbarrow and empty the hay and straw from the stalls. And when it was time to feed the dogs, he would get the pans, and mix the dog food for me. I'd get it ready and he'd mix it. This guy, Oliver, he enjoyed sitting down at night and having a drink, and watching television. He'd mix his own. He'd pour a shot of whiskey and put some Seven-Up in there, stir it and drink it,'' Janet Berger recalled.
Trouble came when Oliver reached maturity, he took... nevermind, I know who my readers are, you guys just want to see some fucked up humanzee pictures don't you.


  1. I remember watching a special in the Discovery channel or semething, really amazing and really creepy

  2. I feel so sorry for him if im honest, Not because of what he is but the way he was treated by humans and i dont just mean because of his lab days! His whole life was just a sad entertainment for humans he must have felt so depressed and alone!